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Barbara Craddock passed away on January 20, 2015.

The lectures she used to give were:

The Mambo/Salsa Connection - The "Salsa" explosion has been a phenomenon. The word of Spanish origin symbolizes "spicy music," its root Mambo. In this lecture she established the influences of the dances and music from Africa and Europe, which fused in Cuba, c. 1803, culminating with today's modern Latin dance and music culture. Vintage films and music clips were used to augment and demonstrate that everything "OLD" is "NEW" again.

Clave: The Metronome of Latin Music and Dance discussed the history and importance of clave in Latin music and dance, tracing its roots from West Africa to Cuban Son to today's modern Salsa. Recorded musical segments augmented the lecture.

Live to Dance, Dance to Live explored the natural progression of life, its hormonal and physical conversions, how it affected muscle mass, body fat, weight, mood, libido, etc., and explained how dance can effectively circumvent and delay this normal course of events.

Mambo Mania - The Palladium Days: Discussed the Palladium Era as a cultural phenomenon, focusing on the 1950s worldwide Mambo explosion, the Palladium Ballroom in New York City, and its shining stars. Rare photographs and recorded music of the era enhanced this experience.

Ear Training/Timing - "Your ear is your third leg," according to Cuban Pete. "Without timing, you have no dance." This class devoted itself to listening to music, learning to hear clave and its various instrumentation. Learn how to keep time without counting!


“Mambo Moves Salsa En Clave" Workshops:

All-Level: This session enabled participants to hear and identify clave, the metronome (or timekeeper) of Latin music and dance, and apply it in styling, shines, patterns, spins, and turns, without counting.

Beginners/Advanced Beginner Level I - Introduction to Clave: Learn to hear and identify clave and apply it in basic mambo/salsa patterns, without counting.

Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate Mambo/Salsa Workshop Level II: Clave timing in mid-level styling, shines, patterns, spins and turns.

Advanced Mambo/Salsa Workshop Level III: Progressive timing, syncopation, styling techniques, shines, patterns, spins and turns.

Professional/Master Mambo/Salsa Workshop Level IV: Interpretation of clave through creative personalization by incorporating distinctive body and hand movements, individual styling, and shines.

Teen & Pre-Teen Workshop - Learn to hear and identify clave, in today's music, and apply it in mambo/salsa patterns.

Over 45 Workshop - For the "older" generation, who appreciates classic Mambo/Salsa music, learn to hear and identify clave, and apply it in basic and distinctive mambo/salsa patterns.

Men and Ladies Styling Classes

"Remember," says Pete, "your ear is your third leg."



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